Frequently Asked Questions

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are a well-established system of communication that animals and people use to communicate on a subconscious level. Pheromones are chemicals that signal a specific behavioral response such as defense, territorial rites, and even the desire to have sex. You can’t see them, smell them, or taste them, but they are there, affecting our actions and reactions unbeknownst to us, all the time.

How do people detect pheromones?

While the precise method by which humans detect pheromones is still highly controversial, it is believe that humans either detect pheromones through the use of the Vomeronasal gland (VNO) or through olfactory receptors…and we’re going to remain 100% honest about that. While the scientific verdict is still out on the exact mechanism by which they work, what we do know is that pheromones DO work! The VNO is a tiny gland located roughly 3 inches inside the nose, and is believe to be one of the mechanisms by which people detect pheromones. When a pheromone is detected, a powerful chemical signal is sent to very primitive regions of our brain, where the information is processed. And, recent, cutting-edge science is unraveling this mystery even further with the discovery of the V1RL1 gene that codes for a pheromone receptor!

I’ve heard of pheromones before, but why is this mystery just now being unraveled?

We have learned A LOT about the human body and mind in the last 100 years! Science however takes time, and there are mysteries to the human mind and body that still remain unanswered. Similar to the pheromone mystery are questions such as “How do we store memories” and “What is consciousness?” While the full mystery behind these questions too has yet to be unraveled, we know for fact that we are consciousness, and that we do store very vivid, powerful images and emotions as memories in our brain. And the same holds true for pheromones. We know that humans are communicating on a very powerful, subconscious level.

Is there any scientific evidence to show that humans communicate with and respond to pheromones? And more importantly, is there any evidence to show the human sexual behavior is influenced by pheromones?

Yes! So much so that you may find yourself overwhelmed with the large body of evidence we have provided for the minds of the curious! Please refer to our complete reference section for a list of all cited material and web links!

If humans produce pheromones, then I should be able to establish that “instant sexual chemistry” without AXCITE™, right?

Unfortunately, due to evolution, our bodies no longer produce enough pheromones naturally, the vast majority of the time, to be sensed by the VNO and/or detecting mechanisms, and thus to stimulate this kind response in women. Our attention to hygiene, as a society, certainly doesn’t help either. In the shower, we wash off the pheromones we produce. We cover them up with the deodorants and colognes we wear, and our clothes prevent our pheromones from becoming airborne! But trust me, that doesn’t mean you should stop showering and wearing deodorant, or that you should run around naked! That’s a sure fire way to turn any woman off! But you can see why so many men have such a hard time establishing INSTANT sexual chemistry with women. Combined with our naturally low output of pheromones and our attention to hygiene, the common misconception developed that humans must not communicate with pheromones any longer.

So, am I going to get laid just by spraying on AXCITE™?

That’s up to you and what you decide to do with the opportunities AXCITE™ creates for you!!! There’s the old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” And that very principle applies to AXCITE™. AXCITE™ is guaranteed to make women notice you more, smile at you more, approach you more, and have an easier time talking to you. It will also arouse women’s sexual desire towards you and enhance their awareness and arousal of their sexual glands. Being an Alpha Male blend, AXCITE™ will also provide you with a greater sense of self-confidence that women look for. The opportunities will practically be thrown at you. With the greater sexual attraction women will feel towards you and your greater sense of self confidence to go for what you want, anything is possible, and anything can happen!

What CAN I expect from AXCITE™?

AX has always been a pioneer in the field of cutting edge pheromones. We have finally bridged the gap between getting you the body you want and the girl you desire. Women like the “Alpha-Male”, the confident guy that exudes sexuality. With AXCITE™ you can FINALLY have the edge. Women will be smiling at you more often, making eye contact, initiating conversation, and even flirting with you. AXCITE™ is a specially synthesized cologne product containing a highly concentrated, precise mixture of human sex pheromones, designed to make women more attracted to those who wear it.

With AXCITE™ you can expect:

  • More glances, interest, and eye contact from females of all ages
  • Increased sex appeal
  • Increased dating and opportunities for sex
  • Rekindling of your current relationship
  • A relaxing, positive effect on those around you
  • Being approached by women more often
  • Higher self-confidence
  • Increased respect and focus on you by others
  • 100% money back guarantee

What’s the best way for me to use AXCITE™, and how long do the effects last?

The effects of AXCITE™ can last from 8-12 hours. The full advantages of AXCITE™ will be achieved when you apply AXCITE™ either directly onto your pulse points or onto your clothing. A pulse point, for example, includes your wrist, neck, or behind your ears. The beating of your heart causes these points to pulse, which helps to diffuse the pheromones out to women around you. While applying each spray to a pulse point is the best method to diffuse the pheromones to women around you, the effects of AXCITE™ will last slightly longer when applied to clothing. Your natural movement, as with any cologne, will be enough to diffuse the pheromones to women nearby and will cause the effects to last the full 12 hours. We recommend that you use no more than one (1) to two (2) sprays daily. Exceeding the recommended number of sprays will NOT increase your chances. In fact, you’d likely be one of those guys that women say “Wow, he’s wearing too much cologne tonight! Must be desperate.” The trick is to be subtle, and 1-2 sprays will accomplish just that!

Under what circumstances will AXCITE™ work best?

AXCITE™, and human sex pheromones in general, will always work best when you are in close proximity to a woman. The closer you are, the better your opportunity. Don’t expect a woman standing at the other end of a mall to notice you! Sometimes, in very crowded places where women are subjected to sensory overload from the smell of food, popcorn, alcohol, all the different colognes and perfumes that men and women are wearing, and the general smell that people carry with them, women’s senses may be temporarily dulled down. The pheromone molecules too can easily become diluted as they diffuse out across the crowds.

AXCITE™ is most effective when worn in rooms with fewer people, such as libraries, smaller college classrooms, private dinner booths at restaurants, and so on. One exception however is bars. Let’s face it, that’s where a lot of us go to meet women. So, here’s how you can take full advantage of AXCITE™’s powerful Pheromone LP7 blend, even in areas that can be crowded.

Remember, the trick is to get close. And what better way to get close to a woman in a bar than to say “What?” The music is almost always LOUD in bars, at night-clubs, and at parties. So use this to your advantage. By applying a spray or two of AXCITE™ to either your neck, or behind your ears, a woman will be drawn to you instantly as she leans in closer to you to repeat what she said! The closer she get’s, the more pheromones she will inhale.

My social skills and “GAME” with the ladies could use some brushing up. What can I do?

We have put together an exclusive AXCITE™ Newsletter to address this very issue. Having “game” and greater social skills will only help you to pick up even MORE women when combined with the power of AXCITE™. By signing up for our exclusive AXCITE™ Newsletter, you’ll learn how to maximize the effectiveness of AXCITE™ in ANY situation and how to increase your social skills and “game” with the ladies!

Where can I buy AXCITE™?

AXCITE™ is available only on our website!

Do you offer a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE?

YES! We are so confident that you’ll be pleased with AXCITE™ that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with AXCITE™, we will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price within 30 days of the date of purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please read more about our 100% Money Back Guarantee at the bottom of this page!

100% Back Money Guarantee!

We proudly offer this guarantee because we KNOW you will be 100% satisfied with AXCITE™. If, for whatever reason, you're not completely thrilled with the results, please return the unused portion and we will refund you the full purchase price.

If you are not completely satisfied with the effects of AXCITE™, you may return your order for a refund of the purchase price.

To Receive Your 100% Money Back Guarantee, Please Read the Following.

  • Please call our customer service center at 888.388.7566 to receive your personalized return authorization number, and place it on your invoice.
  • Returns must be shipped with in 30 days of purchase date.
  • The unused portion/bottle must be sent back to AX.
  • Returns must be sent back with original invoice #.
  • Refunds will only be accepted for first time purchasers of AXCITE™.
  • For orders of two or more bottles, only one bottle can be returned opened. All other bottles, including any free bottles, must be returned unopened
  • Shipping and Handling is non-refundable.
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