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How Does the AXCITE™ Formula Work?!

AXCITE works by sending signals to the emotional, sexual, and social centers in a women's brain. Her anxiety levels decrease, her sexual organs become stimulated and you have her attention!

AXCITE's exclusive blend of human sex pheromones activate when women subconsciously detect them through their vomeronasal organ and also through regular olfactory reception used to detect smells. Once inhaled, the human sex pheromones from AXCITE stimulate and send a powerful signal to the emotional, sexual, and social centers in her brain. From there, a neurological cascade of subtle influences compels her attention towards you. Anxiety levels decrease and her sexual organs begin to become stimulated.

AXCITE™ is an Alpha Male blend and will make you feel more confident, making women sense that YOU are the dominant, male leader of the pack! Alpha Males provide, protect, and carry strong reproductive genes. Biologically, women are hard wired to desire that characteristic in a mate.

Sounds great but what makes AXITE™ different from the rest?

Our Exclusive Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology is the Key!

Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology

The human body is a complex, precision-tuned, ratio sensitive system. You need a precisely balanced blend of the right pheromones, amplified at the right time, and addressing the right factors, to truly achieve sexual arousal in women.

NOW, the TRUE SECRET to unlocking the powerful sexual and magnetic social influence of pheromones has finally been uncovered!

AXCITE is the FIRST and only pheromone enhanced cologne to contain Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™, a powerful new method of enhancing and amplifying human sex pheromones to truly attract women and arouse their sexual curiosity in you. We GUARANTEE it 100%!

So, why do we need a technology method so powerful?

women can subconsciously detect when a man is sexually aroused by his sweat

We are our own worst enemy!

With Alpha Amp Technology you don't have to worry.

"Why would I worry" you might ask?
Researchers from Rice University in Houston recently reported in the December 31, 2008 Journal of Neuroscience that women can subconsciously detect when a man is sexually aroused.

The sweat of sexually aroused men releases a different pheromone signature than the sweat of men who are not aroused (such as when you’re playing sports), activating regions of the brain involved in emotion, perception, social response, and smell. So while you think she may not notice you checking her out, subconsciously the research and evidence suggest that we might blow our own chances before we even think we have a chance!

Sounds great but what are pheromones and how do they benefit me?

Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by the body

They are used to subconsciously communicate with others close to you. In the past other pheromone manufacturers threw a few pheromones into a cologne and claimed “sex, sex, sex with any girl.” They couldn’t have been more wrong!

For guys, attraction is simple. We see a beautiful girl and we know instantly that we are attracted to her. Women however are attracted to a guy based on a gut-level intuition they have about him. How good a man actually looks is only 20% of the equation. Sex pheromones are sexual chemicals, that when sensed by women, subconsciously trigger an undeniable emotional response in a woman’s brain. That response arouses the primal seat of a woman’s sexual emotions, instantly drawing her attention, her curiosity, and her desire towards you. Sex pheromones also break the ice between two people, allowing women to approach you with ease! Now with the power of Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™, YOU can finally experience ALL the benefits and magnetic effects of human sex pheromones!

Wow, these Pheromones sound interesting. Why aren't they big time news?

Pheromones are big time news right now!

Pheromones are big time news right now!

Pheromones are so effective that MANY prestigious media sources such as CNN, Dateline, MTV, NBC, 20/20, ABC, BBC, and Extra have recently given great attention to the exciting new discovery of human sex pheromones! Newspapers such as the New York Times, prestigious medical journals, online medical communities such as WebMD, and many magazines have also highlighted and featured the powerful effects of human sex pheromones.

Recently, cutting edge research behind Pheromones has been covered on:
In fact, some of them warn that pheromones have the potential to be abused as people learn to exploit the powerful advantages they can elicit in social and sexual settings!

Interested on learning more about Pheromones?

Well don't just take our word for it, read up for yourself. For more information on Pheromones please visit our ever growing Knowledge Database on Pheromone Studies and Articles.

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Are Pheromones Really Influential when it comes to Human Sexual Behavior?

Absolutley! and to know why you need to know the whole story.

In 1703, scientists discovered a small organ in humans located at the base of the naval cavity. For close to 300 years, this organ known as the Vomeronasal organ (VNO) was believed to be non-functional. But now, science has finally discovered that the VNO, in conjunction with olfactory receptors in your nose, are responsible for detecting the powerful behavioral messages that human sex pheromones carry!

Location of the VNO in the human nasal CavityLocation of the VNO in the human nasal Cavity

Researchers in Vienna, Austria have just proven that pheromones play an integral role of the survival of humanity. Scientists had women sniff t-shirts worn by men who were sweating and rate which shirt had the most attractive scent. What the women didn’t know is that one of the t-shirts belonged to either their brother or father. The results were shocking! Researchers found that women had a strong and strikingly negative reaction to the pheromone containing sweat of a family member, while preferring the pheromone scents of those not closely related on a genetic level. How is this possible?

"74% of women, when exposed to sex pheromones, reported more sexual intercourse with men! They also reported increases in formal dates, petting, affection, kissing, and a greater desire to sleep closer to their partner! "

Our scent and pheromone signature has a strong connection to our immune system; specifically, our own unique major histocompatibility complex (MHC). MHC is a section of our DNA that determines which diseases our immune systems are equipped to fight. Mating with a close family member can produce a child with a weak and compromised immune system. Thus through pheromones, nature has developed a sexual repellant to prevent incest from occurring so that children in the next generation can have a stronger immune system, and ultimately, a better chance at surviving!

And, just as science has proven that pheromones act as sexual repellants, science has also proven that pheromones are powerful sexual attractants! In one study, women were exposed to mens’ axillary pheromones. It resulted in women finding the men they viewed MUCH more sexually attractive! Another study revealed that 74% of women, when exposed to sex pheromones, reported more sexual intercourse with men! They also reported increases in formal dates, petting, affection, kissing, and a greater desire to sleep closer to their partner! And recently the gene V1RL1 was discovered to code for a pheromone receptor in people!

Okay so you know some history on what Pheromones are and how they work now. But I bet your wondering just what is in AXCITE and what does each chemical do?

Chemical Breakdown of the AXCITE™ Formula



Dominance. Sexual Attraction. Respect.

These are all characteristic of Androstenone, known as the “Male” pheromone, allowing men to signal that THEY are the Alpha Male in the room. Androstenone allows users to radiate a supremely dominant aura, which when felt by women nearby, may increase your chances of getting noticed and even being approached by those women! Women have a strong sexual preference for the Alpha Male, and the enhanced sexual vibe you’ll be exuding may increase the subconscious level of sexual tension felt for YOU by women! Additionally, being the Alpha Male commands a sense of respect from others towards you. It results in people treating you better, with more fairness and politeness than would otherwise be given to you.


Great. So you’ve attracted a lot of women standing nearby. Now what?

Women are just as nervous approaching men as men are approaching women. All it takes is a simple “hello,” which ironically, hardly seems simple at the time. What’s needed is an “Ice Breaker,” something to get the two of you chatting, and that’s the power behind Androstenol. Composed of both alpha and beta isomers, Androstenol has the ability to make you appear friendlier and more approachable. Allowing for conversation to flow, Androstenol also seems to subconsciously enhance the feelings of caring and romance a woman feels for you. These are feelings that generally take a long time to cultivate between two people, yet Androstenol seems to ease the process. Ultimately, this increases sexual attraction. Fortifying these feelings, Androstenol also projects a sense of youth, vitality, and health, all of which communicate the sexually attractive, biological trait of reproductive fitness.


Being a Man, what does that mean?

Women associate masculinity with the ability of a man to be dominant, providing safety, protection, and reliability. Androsterone is a pheromone found only in humans. Working in synergy with androstenone, this pheromone may increase the amount of respect and politeness expressed towards you, which is a pivotal cue women pay close attention to when seeking out a partner. Working in even further synergy with the chatty effects elicited by alpha-Androstenol, this pheromone cologne has also been shown to have mood elevating effects on women when they inhale it, ultimately easing anxiety, allowing conversation to flow, and increasing her sexual attraction to you more and more every minute. Finally, Androsterone has been reported by many to increase the effectiveness of other pheromones being used at the same time.


When she’s relaxed and her guard is let down, anything is possible.

Androstadienone is known as the “Love Pheromone” as its effects on women’s attention and social cognition are quite powerful. Like Androsterone, this pheromone is known for elevating a woman’s mood, reducing nervousness, and other negative feelings. However, it goes even further by increasing the sense of comfort and intimacy felt by a woman, which is perfect for those up close, cozy, and intimate moments.


Like the effects on women who inhale Androstadienone, this pheromone makes YOU feel good.

It puts YOU in a really good, uplifted, energized mood, and women respond really well to that! Ever go out to the bar or a party where one guy seems to be the life of the party, the one every girl seems to want to talk to? Part of the reason he’s so successful is because of the mood he’s projecting! If you’re fun to be around, people will want to be around YOU. And that’s the power of Estratetraenol! Combined with the feel good mood women will experience from Androstadienone, and the energetic, uplifting mood you’ll be feeling from Estratetraenol, anything will be possible!


You don’t always bump into the women you’d like to attract right away.

Sometimes it takes a while. And when that time comes, the last thing you need is for the formula to have worn off and lost its effects. Androstadienol was added to the AXCITE™ formula to prolong AXCITE™’s effects so you’re always ready when the time is right. Androstadienol acts as a powerful sex pheromone, and friendly bacteria on your skin will convert Androstadienol into Androstenol. By the time Androstenol’s effects have worn off, new Androstenol is being created, prolonging AXCITE™’s effects! So if you happen to bump into that girl you’ve been looking for all night on your way out, you can trust that she’ll take notice as you pass by! Our bet is that your night won’t be ending as soon as you previously thought!
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