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Why is AXCITE the top selling men’s pheromone cologne?

Simple. It works!! AXCITE’s 17mg blend is the highest concentration of pheromones EVER, it’s super-charged by our exclusive Alpha-Amp LP7 Technology™, and is backed by our 100% Guarantee.

What is a Pheromone you ask?
Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by the body that are used to subconsciously communicate with others close to you. Want to learn more about Pheromones?

So What Can I Realistically Expect From AXCITE?


Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by the body

They are used to subconsciously communicate with others close to you. In the past other pheromone manufacturers threw a few pheromones into a cologne and claimed “sex, sex, sex with any girl.” They couldn’t have been more wrong!

The human body is a complex, precision-tuned, ratio sensitive system. You need a precisely balanced blend of the right pheromones, amplified at the right time, and addressing the right factors, to truly achieve sexual arousal in women. NOW, the TRUE SECRET to unlocking the powerful sexual and magnetic social influence of pheromones has finally been uncovered!

AXCITE is the FIRST and only pheromone enhanced cologne to contain Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™, a powerful new method of enhancing and amplifying human sex pheromones to truly attract women and arouse their sexual curiosity in you. We GUARANTEE it 100%!

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Pretty awsome eh? I bet your wondering just what makes AXCITE so powerful?

Dramatically Increasing Women’s Sexual Attraction for You!

Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™

AXCITE is the most powerful, compelling, and socially influential men’s pheromone cologne ever developed. AXCITE contains 7 ultra-potent human sex pheromones AND an innovative new discovery known as Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™

This innovative pheromone technology is exclusive to AXCITE and ENHANCES and AMPLIFIES the subconscious sexual signals delivered to and experienced by women. It also has a powerful effect on increasing your confidence! With Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™ you can instantly trigger a woman’s sexual attraction to you!

"74% of women, when exposed to sex pheromones, reported more sexual intercourse with men! They also reported increases in formal dates, petting, affection, kissing, and a greater desire to sleep closer to their partner! "

Do you hate making a “cold approach” on a beautiful girl? Don’t worry! AXCITE elicits a profound “ice breaking” effect on women, making them feel so at ease and comfortable around you that THEY will be approaching YOU! You will never have to worry about approach anxiety and rejection again, and we’ll delve deeply into these topics in our two FREE 20+ page guides!

In addition, AXCITE also allows a man to prevent women from immediately sensing that he’s sexually aroused by her. Why is that good? Women are approached by men every day who are all looking for the same thing…sex. In response, women have developed a highly effective set of social skills referred to as their “protective shield.” Often, the mere hint that you’re sexually turned on by a woman (before she even knows you) can immediately lower her interest in you!

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at what 100 men we surveyed had to say about AXCITE!

Survey of 100 Men Wearing AXCITE


So, we have established that AXCITE's Pheromones do work

and that you are definetly going to buy some today! But you are still a little unsure. You want to know just
how does AXCITE stack up to other Top Selling Pheromone Products?

I'm glad you asked. Let's take a look shall we.

AXCITE blows the competition away!

AXCITE has the highest concentration formula, prevents women from sensing your intentions and comes in a discrete bottle! If that's not enough, throw in tons of free guides, the lowest price and its a simple choice. AXCITE scores the most!

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So How Does AXCITE Work?

The exclusive blend of human sex pheromones in AXCITE work when women subconsciously detect them through their vomeronasal organ and also through regular olfactory reception used to detect smells. Once inhaled, the human sex pheromones from AXCITE stimulate and send a powerful signal to the emotional, sexual, and social centers in her brain. From there, a neurological cascade of subtle influences compels her attention towards you. Anxiety levels decrease and her sexual organs begin to become stimulated.

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How do I use AXCITE?

Just spray it on and get ready for a great night and morning of fun!

AXCITE is worn as a men’s cologne. Simply apply AXCITE and you will be amazed at how differently people respond to you. And the best part about it is that AXCITE isn’t just for single men. If you’re married or have a girlfriend and your wife or girlfriend isn’t as into sex as you are, AXCITE is your answer.

and its not just what we say, a lot of people have found thier answer too.

Here’s what real AXCITE users have to say!


"It’s about time!"

“I have never had success with the ladies, UNTIL NOW! I bought a bottle of AXCITE thinking anything was worth a try, and it has changed my life. The first time I wore it to a club, I got 2 numbers. Now one of those girls is my girlfriend, THANKS!”

- Stevo Howie , age 24, Bakersfield, ca



"I am a believer"

“Women are not usually into me, not even a little bit. I usually just talk them to death, and they are so bored that they use any excuse to get out of a date with me. Now that I am using AXCITE, they are hanging on my every word and they can’t stay away from me. I owe my new AWESOME love life to AXCITE. GET SOME FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- Ron Novack , age 49, Bakersfield, CA




So I’ve never written in to give a testimonial before. I’m only doing so because I feel so compelled to share with you how AXCITE has changed my life. In the last few weeks, I’ve gone on so many dates it's amazing! The crazy thing is, most asked ME out! And the girls I asked out all said yes with a "what were you waiting for" tone in their voice! When we’re out, girls are always standing close to me & holding my hand. It feels great to finally get this kind of attention from girls!

- John Loren , age 24, Denver, Colorado


100% Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose. We proudly offer this guarantee because we KNOW you will be 100% satisfied with AXCITE™. If for whatever reason you're not completely thrilled with the results, please return the unused portion and we will refund you the full purchase price.

The FREE life-changing guides are our free gift to you and are yours to keep even if you are dissatisfied with your purchase!

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