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Ultimate Players AXCITE Attraction Guide. FREE with any order of AXCITE.

With all of the doors and opportunities that AXCITE creates for you, we firmly believe that every man must know how to talk to women. It’s called “having game”. And that’s why we created the AXCITE Attraction Guide. Inside you’ll learn how to, in 3 seconds, overcome the anxiety of approaching women.

You’ll learn how to successfully approach women, and how NOT to approach women. You’ll learn how to gain a woman’s interest, flip her attraction switches, and also how to make her work for your interest! Yes, you will have women working to impress you! We know, it’s usually the other way around, but it’s so simple that once you see the social dynamics that lead to it, you’ll be thinking “Geez, that makes perfect sense!”
Ultimate Players Axcite Attraction Guide

The Nice Guy To Alpha Male Guide - $9.99

It’s no secret that women go for the guys who exude confidence. This guide is a must have for any guy who’s ever heard the words “Let’s just be friends” and who has ever been told that he’s “so nice”. No matter what your confidence level, bring your game to a whole new level with the powerful and insightful information in the Nice Guy to Alpha Male guide! Here’s what you will learn from this comprehensive guide:

  • Learn Just Who IS a Nice Guy and Why Nice Guys Are NOT as Successful.
  • When Being Nice Does More Harm Than Good.
  • 4 of the Most Common Myths Nice Guys Believe About Women and the Surprising Truth Behind Them.
  • A Step-by-Step System for Removing Yourself from the “Dreaded Friends Zone”
  • Learn What Defines an Alpha Male.
  • Learn How Alpha Males Think and Behave to Become Successful.
The Nice Guy To Alpha Male Guide

Ultimate Players Myspace Pickup Guide. - $9.99

Myspace is one of the easiest places to score with the ladies. This guide contains the MOST EFFECTIVE steps for attracting women on Myspace, and will change your dating life forever. If you can follow the easy, step-by-step instructions in this guide, we guarantee you will have more women CONTACTING YOU than you can keep up with!

By following the simple and proven steps in this guide you can easily get 15 dates a month without ever having to be rejected again.
Myspace Attraction Guide

Ultimate Players Facebook Pickup Guide - $9.99

If you're not getting dates via Facebook at least once a month, you need this guide! Here’s what you can expect from this comprehensive guide:

  • A listing of the most common female buzzwords that women love to see when they check out a guys profile
  • Proven tips about what to put in your profile fields. From random play to relationship, view our tested responses
  • One major mistake that 98% of all men make... and how to avoid it. Turn yourself from zero to hero in no time
  • Become a complete stud in the eyes of dozens of hot women in your area in less than 24 hours using a female gossip network
  • The effective use of the *Poke*
  • Initiate a conversation with a totally random woman and get her attracted to you without ever talking on the phone.
  • A simple strategy that can DOUBLE and even TRIPLE the amount responses you get just by changing your profile picture.
Facebook Attraction Guide
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